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10 Amazing North American Winter Wonderlands

Posted on 04-Dec-2017

There's something very special about winter in North America, and the season results in some incredibly beautiful images of cities and iconic landmarks transformed by the extreme weather. Here are ten of our favourite snow-dusted spots...


 1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Winter in Smoky Mountain National Park

The stunning Great Smokies get even more postcard-perfect with a dusting of snow.


2. Yosemite National Park
Winter in Yosemite National Park

Glorious all year round, it's hard not to stare in awe at the snow-capped granite peaks towering above Yosemite's sequoias.


3. Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park

Glaciers and mountains are the perfect setting for some winter active adventures - mountain bike your way through one of Canada's most impressive natural spaces in Jasper National Park.


4. Niagara Falls

Winter at Niagara Falls

During the winter season at Niagara Falls, sheets of ice and snow can be seen over the water. In extremely cold weather, an ice bridge can form - although you're not allowed to walk across it.


5. Grand Canyon National Park
Winter at the Grand Canyon

If you've seen the Grand Canyon in all its desert glory in summer, you'll be awed by how the colours and shapes seem to change with a coating of snow.


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6. Banff National Park
Winter in Banff National Park

Beautiful Banff turns up the stunning views another notch during the winter months - an amazing place to discover a real white Christmas!


7. Glacier National Park

Winter in Glacier National Park

If the name 'Glacier' doesn't sum up wintry images...well, just look at that landscape!


8. Yellowstone National Park

Winter in Yellowstone National Park

Completely transformed in the winter, Yellowstonealso recieves far fewer visitors at this time of year - so beat the crowds and make your own fresh tracks in the snow.


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9. Bryce Canyon National Park

Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park

The eerie hoodoos of Bryce Canyon become even more impressive topped with white, soft snow.


10. Monument Valley

Winter in Monument Valley

You'll be set for a truly Western winter in Monument Valley with the backdrop of this movie-set landscape! 


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