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15 Amazing Photos of Yellowstone in Winter

Posted on 21-Sep-2017

It's fair to say that Yellowstone National Park is, most certainly, a crowd-pleaser. And for good reason - the awe-inspiring scenery, charismatic wildlife and bubbling, spurting geysers are three of the most commonly photographed aspects of the park.

However - most will only see the park when the sun's shining and the shorts and flip-flops are out. For a truly unique experience of this well-known wilderness, why not visit Yellowstone in winter?

All images by Iain Shiels



The 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness of Yellowstone is impressive at any time of year - but in winter, the temperatures of both the snow the park's geothermic activity combine to create a whole different landscape.




In winter, you'll discover scenes akin to your favourite fantasy television shows within the park's boundaries.


L1030542-1 iain.jpg


Even at this time of year, the bison of Yellowstone can still be found wandering the roads and trails.


Grand Prismatic Spring Pool-1.jpg

Grand Prismatic Spring-2.jpg


The famous Grand Prismatic Spring looks rather different to how it's usually pictured, but still a captivating sight.





It's not just bison that roam in Yellowstone - deer and elk are also common sightings around the park all year round.





In fact, wildlife sightings are perhaps even more likely and regular in winter - with less tourists to scare them away, the animals of the park become bolder in their scavenging.


Yellowstone Winter Wildlife 





A real highlight of visiting Yellowstone National Park in winter is that you'll avoid the crowds that flock to the destination during the summer months - experiencing a side of the park that few will see.





Although the normal hiking trails may not be navigable in the snow, there are plenty of other fantastic seasonal ways to explore - snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are both firmly on the agenda for a winter visit to Yellowstone!





Yellowstone in winter truly is a sight to behold (and capture on camera!). It's an experience that you'll remember for many years to come - and will completely refresh your perspective on what winter travel is all about!


Yellowstone Winter Wildlife


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