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6 Signs a Singles Holiday is for You

Posted on 12-Apr-2017

We all catch ourselves dreaming of escaping to far-flung shores from time to time. Rather than depositing the office telephone from the 5th floor or telling your friend Janet that you're not really too interested in hearing every detail of her newborn's bowel movements, actually treating yourself to some time away is the solution.

So, how do you know when its time? Here are the six signs that a singles holiday is for you.

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1. You really need a change of scene


We've all been there. Work is so manic that you're sorely tempted to do some serious damage to your office equipment, and you think that if you have to step foot in that place one more time, you may just lose your marbles. Or, perhaps you've just come to the end of a relationship and everything reminds you of your former partner. Either way, you need a change of scenery - so book that ticket rather than break that telephone!


2. You're geographically challenged


Ever spent hours trying and failing to get from Central Park to Museum Mile? Some of us just arent blessed with a strong sense of direction. If you usually find your holidays are spent staring at a map in confusion rather than gazing at a natural wonder in awe, then a singles holiday is for you. Even though you'll be travelling solo, you'll have a guide and a small group of fellow travellers to help you find your way.


3. You can't seem to escape the beaten track

Tommy Alaska_-6.jpg

It's surprising how often that - despite thorough planning and effort - visions of exploring the unknown can, in reality, end in seeing famous landmarks through a haze of other tourists' heads. Thats because getting off the beaten track can actually be quite hard. If you struggle to escape the holidaymaking hordes, an expertly led group tour can be the perfect antidote. There's nothing like a guide who knows their way around like a local to help you evade the well-trodden path once and for all.


4. You ran up two flights of stairs and spent two days recovering


Have you run late for a meeting and legged it up two flights of stairs, only to find your muscles had to spend the next few days recovering? Realising that you're not as fit as you used to be is a good reason to hit the road and have an adventure in the great outdoors. After all, spending a few weeks hiking isn't just exercise, but an amazing experience that'll make getting fit really feel worth it.


5. Your circle of friends is perpetually shrinking

Meeting new people on a singles holiday

Increasingly finding that more often than not, you're your own dinner date? If your circle of friends seems to be getting smaller and smaller, it's time to start expanding it again. It might not be that easy to make new friends when you're in the same place and in the same job, but it's a totally different story when you're on holiday - especially on a tour for single travellers.


6. You want to have a real adventure

Moon Valley IMG_3751.jpg

You can spend weeks daydreaming of relaxing on a beach with friends, only to find it's not quite what you'd imagined. You soon become bored of the beach, and each person wants to do something different, making exploring difficult. If that sounds like your last holiday, then next time why not strike out on your own and have a more authentic adventure?


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