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Adventurous Overnighters: Unique Sleeps in the Americas

Posted on 14-Mar-2019

We’re celebrating the most exciting and adventurous sleeping spots in the Americas! 

You’d be hard-pushed to find finer places to rest your head. The west is the ultimate adventure – fill your boots with the pioneering spirit of the old explorers. Head north for wilderness escapes and huge mountain landscapes and south for rich history and immersive moments.

Here are six unique great sleeps in the Americas.

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge


Award-winning and 100% carbon neutral, deep in the rainforest lies Esquinas eco-lodge. There’s no better way to lose yourself in the sights and sounds of the jungle, with birdwatching at every opportunity and jungle walks right from the door. Especially pleasant are evenings spent on the veranda listening to the jungle sounds.

Spend a night in the Costa Rican jungle


Navajo Hogan, Monument Valley

Michael-Harding-Hogan-MonumentValley-PBW-1 (2)

A hogan is the traditional dwelling of the Navajo people. After a Navajo-led 4x4 journey deep into Monument Valley, head out into the desert as the light begins to fade to find your home for the night: a small but perfectly formed round home, with the door opening out to the east to catch the blessings and the early morning sun.

Spend the night in a hogan in Monument Valley


Wilderness Canoe Camping, Wells Gray


The only way to reach this campsite is by canoe. This expedition is a joyful escape from the modern world, paddling out across a mirror-like lake beneath the powerful gaze of the mountains. As you travel the more you feel the weight of the world drop away, as you pull up to the banks for your overnight wild camp. Settle down by the fire, and stare up at the stars.

Spend a night under the stars on the shores of a lake


Guesthouse Antebellum Mansion, Nachez

2014-04-23 20.50.41

Stay in a genuine antebellum town house, built around 1840 for the grandson of the first mayor of Natchez. The opportunity to stay in a historic property like this in downtown Natchez is a rare privilege, a chance to be surrounded by history. Rooms are wonderfully restored with poster beds and tasteful, opulent decorations.

Spend a night in an authentic Antebellum Mansion


Old Faithful Snow Lodge


The award-winning Old Faithful Snow lodge has won praise from all sides, both popular with our travellers and winning both the Cody Award for Western Design and Travel & Leisure's Inn of the Month award too. Which is good, as in these temperatures you need a good base to head back to after a day tracking wildlife in the deep snow. Accessible only by snow coaches, this remote wooden lodge is a retreat from everything to the warm embrace of the cosy chairs and roaring fire.

Spend the night in a wooden snow lodge


Lake Titicaca homestay


Go beyond the ordinary at Lake Titicaca. Stay with a local family on a beautiful island on the highest navigable water in the world. Straddling the Peruvian-Bolivian border, this beautiful lake is home to numerous floating islands, and spending the night here is an unforgettable experience. Snuggle up under the blankets and brave the thin, cool mountain air (you’re at 3,812m above sea level) and split your time between staring at the starlit sky and the shimmering reflections on the water.

Spend the night on an island with a Peruvian homestay