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America's Grand Wilderness

Posted on 08-Jan-2019

Wilderness is closer than you think. Embrace America’s wild side, and get ready to embody the spirit from its frontiersman history, the boldness and grit of gold rush prospectors and a long litany of explorers and naturalists, on these adventures into the wilderness.

Grand American Adventures are America specialists, and there’s nothing we love more than sharing the America’s best kept secrets. Here are some of our favourite places to get away from it all...

Bears in the Wild


Nothing truly prepares you for the moment you first see a wild bear with your own eyes. These beautiful beasts cannot be truly captured on film – no nature documentary, however exceptional, can ever compete with the real thing.

Breaching Whales


It’s not just on land that the wildlife thrives. In the rich cold waters off the Canadian coast you can scour the waves for the ocean’s mighty whales, holding your breath for the perfect instant that one breaches from the water. Sightings are never guaranteed, but the beauty of the coastal scenery is absolutely certain.

Soaring Bald Eagles


The USA’s emblematic bald eagle is a sight to behold, swooping and soaring through the sky. It’s only when you venture beyond the beaten path and into the wilderness you’ll get the chance to spy one of these majestic birds. Seeing one dive for a fish, at speeds of up to 99mph, is the holy grail.

Roving Bison Herds


The roamers of the plains, the shaggy-haired bison is a staple of America’s wild places and natural habitats. A visit to Yellowstone would be incomplete with a sighting of the national mammal of the US – fortunately, the now healthy bison population are hard to miss. This is the only place in the USA where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times.

Discover Wildlife in the Wilderness

Hoh Rainforest,Olympic National Park 


You hardly know the meaning of the word green until you’ve stepped foot into Hoh Rainforest. This is the emerald jewel in the Pacific Northwest, and biodiversity bubble of old growth forest dripping with velvety moss. There’s an enchanted air about this place – as you’ll find when you get here.

Discover Olympic National Park

Alaska Wrangell St Elias


Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve contains nine of the sixteen highest peaks in the United States, including the second highest, Mount. St. Elias (5,488m), and is the most glaciated region in the North American continent, including the deep blue pools and carved ice shapes of the Root Glacier. Need we say more, wilderness lovers?

Discover Wrangell St Elias National Park

Colorado Rockies


Home to over 415 square miles of protected mountain terrain, 150 sparkling lakes, and an unimaginably large network of trails, the Colorado Rockies are a real find for the outdoors wilderness enthusiast. The Canadian Rockies may grab headlines, but if you let them, the Colorado Rockies will steal your heart. 

Discover the Colorado Rockies

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