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Comfort guaranteed – Life on the Road with Grand American Adventures

Posted on 03-Oct-2019

When choosing an adventure of a lifetime, what are the things you look for? Perhaps, it’s visiting an amazing location with stunning landscapes, or embarking on a unique experience that is so far removed from everyday life that it will create a lifelong memory.

Your accommodation and mode of transport may not be top of your list; however, we know how much of an impact these can have on your enjoyment of your experience, which is why we take careful consideration when selecting these for our trips, so they are memorable too in the best possible way!




In our dedication to providing the most enjoyable experiences, our Grand American Adventures tours seek out accommodation to delight you; whether it’s a hotel, camping or staying somewhere a little more unique, we want you to look forward to the place you return to for relaxation after a busy day.


A friendly atmosphere and proximity to the highlights of your tour and local dining options, where you can sample the regional specialities, are key priorities for our selection. Characterful cabins, historic lodges and other unique accommodation that lies within the national parks themselves all feature in our trips.


Hogan hut in Monument Valley


Spending the night in an authentic Navajo home, set right in the magnificent Monument Valley is one example of our unique stays. The desert’s answer to an igloo; this dome-shaped structure is made of natural resources, such as desert juniper trees and plastered over with red desert earth. Take a night to share in the fascinating Navajo way of life, before waking early and opening your door, specifically set to the east, to watch the sunrise gloriously over this iconic landscape. Awaiting your day is an exploration of the unique sandstone formations of this dramatic location, which has taken a starring role in many a Western movie.


Historic Natchez House


Immerse yourself in the history of the Deep South and spend a night in a wonderfully restored Natchez house. Enjoy the opulent decorations and a four-poster bed, before heading out on the ultimate Deep South and Delta Blues adventure, exploring this unique landscape and fascinating history that brings the music of Elvis and Nashville to life.




A night spent under the stars allows you to really absorb the natural beauty that these amazing landscapes of America deliver. Whether at an established campsite or a more remote location, we provide high-quality camping equipment, including spacious dome tents, self-inflating sleeping mats and all kitchen and cooking equipment, so that you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and a pillow! Cooking al fresco is one of the joys of camping and although your tour leader will organise and prepare the meals, sharing in their preparation will only add to your experience.


View from a tent of the Yukon wilderness


Pitching up on the banks of the Yukon River is one place where the canopy of stars will leave you in awe. Settling down to listen to stories of the Gold Rush after a day of canoeing, exploring the abandoned settlements of Hootalinqua and Big Salmon Village and seeking out encounters with Black Bear, moose and beaver, you may feel a little tired, but the exhilaration of such an extraordinary time on this Yukon Canoe Adventure will only leave you smiling.


Getting Around


We make travel a priority on our Grand America Adventures. With sometimes large distances to cover, we want to ensure your comfort, and our private, air-conditioned, 15-seater vehicle will take care of that. The luggage and equipment are stored separately, using a specially designed trailer or storage area to maximise comfort in the vehicle and equipped with a CD system (often iPod compatible), it will never be a dull ride. Your tour guide will take the wheel, making each group almost self-sufficient and free to explore the backroads, off the main tourist track.


Accommodation and travel may not be the top of your list, but they certainly feature highly on ours. We know that by carefully curating your stopovers and making your journeys as enjoyable as possible, your trip will leave memories for all the right reasons.

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