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5 Amazing USA Experiences For Travel-Loving Couples

Posted on 20-Apr-2018

When you're in a long-term relationship, the day-to-day can become repetitive and other commitments begin to get in the way of spending quality time as a couple. Which is why taking time out together is important. And discovering new sights as a couple is the perfect way to make amazing shared memories, strengthening your bond even further.

Whether it's on your own or as part of a small group tour, discover some of the most romantic things you can do in the USA's Western states:




1. Watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon

There are few sights more spectacular than the Grand Canyon. Carved out by the Colorado River, the 277-mile canyon is a sight to behold and who better to share this with than the one you love? Sure, we always like a sunset - but the sun rising over the Grand Canyon is equally spectacular, with the light slowly bringing its stunning colours to life.


Once you've been awed by this amazing sight, you'll want to explore the Grand Canyon further, and there are plenty of options to choose from including rafting and hiking. You could even round off your romantic experience by taking a helicopter ride into the canyon itself and sharing a picnic at the bottom. True bliss!




2. Enjoy a wine and cheese evening in Death Valley

One of the hottest, driest and lowest places in the world, Death Valley National Park is home to some spectacular scenery. With only 5cm of rainfall every year, you're basically guaranteed good weather to enjoy the glorious vistas and stunning natural formations in.

The stark landscape doesn't mean a lack of luxury here though - enjoy tasting local California wines with plenty of cheese to nibble on, a fantastic experience for couples who enjoy their food and drink.


An evening of wine and cheese in Death Valley is included in our Best of the West tour!  


Lake Powell - Padre Bay 02 - KCOT


3. Take a refreshing dip in Lake Powell

Not far from the Grand Canyon is Lake Powell. On the border of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell has a shoreline longer than the entire western coast of the USA. It's the perfect romantic escape for couples who want something a little further away from tourist hot spots.


Taking a dip in the lake is a relaxing experience that you can share with your other half. Surrounded by the gigantic cliffs of the Glen Canyon National Park, there are few places better to go for a swim than in the warming waters of Lake Powell.




4. Walk among giant sequoia trees in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is one of North America's most stunning retreats; with its lush green forest and contrasting granite walls, it is a sight like none other. For a romantic trip with your loved one, take time to enjoy a walk through the giant sequoia trees. A photographer's paradise, the world's largest trees are the perfect place to explore and spend some quality time with your partner.


With trees that tower as tall as skyscrapers and can be up to 3,500 years old, you will be able to enjoy a gentle walk with truly spectacular views.


Explore this amazing park in even more detail with our new Yosemite and Tahoe In-Depth tour.


Sonoma 3-1


5. Cycle the California Coast

If you're looking for a more adventurous couples' activity, why not take to two wheels to explore California's wine country? The adrenaline and each others' support will spur you on, and at the end of the day, you get to enjoy a well-earned glass or two of delicious local wine. 

If cycling isn't your thing, there's still plenty to be seen along the California coast, with plentiful romantic stop-offs along the way!



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