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Ethical Wildlife in North America

Posted on 20-Jun-2019


With programmes such as Planet Earth and Countryfile, plus international movements such as School Strikes pushing wildlife and climate front of mind, keeping our world healthy and flourishing is more important than ever. Being responsible in the areas you travel doesn’t just sit with you, but the company you are travelling with. At Grand American Adventures, we take an active role in responsible travel; from wildlife to landscapes and everything between.

Our leaders and passengers live by the philosophy of ‘leave no trace’. We always endeavour to establish a positive impact on the areas we visit through our support for local organisations, as well as education during the trip. Posing for pictures with animals or an eagle standing on your shoulder might sound great, but seeing them in the wild, at home in their natural habitat is much more rewarding. When done correctly, tourism can be a force for good.

Below, we share our 5 favourite wildlife holidays in North America. You’ll be led by expert, knowledgeable guides who help you see true WILDlife.


Canada Wildlife and Vancouver Island


Rich with wildlife, from Black Bears, to deer, moose and coyotes. This tour visits the unmissable sights of the Rockies and Lake Louise, but also delves deeper, venturing far off the beaten track.

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Alaska, Wildlife and Wilderness


The wildlife is legendary, thriving both in the sea and on land. With Alaska being one of the last bastions of true wilderness, it's the perfect place to see animals like Black and Grizzly Bears in their natural habitat.

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Yellowstone Wildlife Trails


Specialist local guides accompany you to spot and track wildlife including bison, bear, wolves, coyotes and eagles. From colourful meadows with wildflowers to mighty canyons, and geothermal volcanic pools to glaciated rocky spires, this is a full-on adventure with some seriously dramatic views.

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Churchill Polar Bear Experience


Set in the boreal forest along the Hudson Bay, it’s a prime location for wildlife viewing. You'll spend two full days with expert guides searching for Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Snowy Owls, and the coveted Polar Bear.

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Northwest Parks and Wildlife


If you are a wildlife, hiking, nature and photography enthusiast, this tour will tick all the boxes and give not only your legs a workout, but also your camera.

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