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Our View: Exploring Beautiful Baxter State Park

Posted on 26-Feb-2015

Our journey to walk on the Appalachian Trail started with a stop in beautiful Baxter State Park in upstate Maine. Baxter State Park is unique for many reasons. Former Maine Governor Percival Baxter donated the land and created this park as part of his lifelong mission to preserve wilderness areas forever for the people of Maine. Because of his wishes, the park remains isolated and undeveloped with only dirt roads and minimal facilities within its boundaries. Today, this leaves us with a beautiful, quiet, unspoiled landscape to spend our day.

Hiking in Baxter State Park


After a beautiful ride into the park, we set out on the wonderful trails in the Daicey Pond area. We started off down the Appalachian Trail, that amazing footpath which begins 2200 miles south of here in the state of Georgia and ends right here in Baxter State Park on the top of Mount Katahdin. We made our way through dense forests of pine trees and found our way out to Elbow Pond and Grassy Pond, both beautiful hidden gems of the park. The trails are well maintained, and even provided us with boardwalks over some of the muddier areas, keeping our feet high and dry.


Group in Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park trails


After a fantastic morning of hiking, we made our way back to Daicey Pond, where we had a late lunch and some of the ladies put their feet up on the back porch of the tiny library which rests on its shore. I am sure these beautiful, quiet views will remain with them forever.


Cabins in Baxter State Park


In the afternoon, we headed back out of the park and off to meet our friends at Katahdin Air. Some of us set off on a magical flight over the area, winding through the mountains and over the multitude of lakes in the area. We even spotted a moose from our tiny float plane high above the park. Coming in for a smooth landing on the lake, we kicked back and drank a Moxie - a strange soft drink found only in Maine. With smiles on our faces, we made our way contentedly back to our base in Millinocket.


Float plane over Baxter State Park


I will leave you with a quote from the founder of the park, Percival Baxter, who wrote “Man is born to die, his works are short lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay, wealth vanishes. But Katahdin in all its glory, forever shall remain the Mountain of the people of Maine.”

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