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Our Favourite National Parks in the Pacific Northwest USA

Posted on 03-Jun-2015

From the ancient trees in Yosemite and Redwood National Parks to the snowy mountain tops in Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park we’re about to take you on a journey through some of western America's most special and beautiful national parks… are you sitting comfortably?

Yosemite National Park – Famous for deep valleys, ancient giant trees and its vast wilderness, Yosemite National Park is a truly unique and beautiful place to be. Spend time wandering through the village and pay a visit to the Ansel Adams gallery, an American photographer who has taken some wonderful iconic images of the park. With waterfalls a plenty, make sure you head out on one of the many trails around the park.


Yosemite National Park


Redwood National Park – Further on up the coast, we have Redwood National Park, and here you can walk through the magical forests of the tallest trees in the world. A popular trail to undertake is the walk through Fern Canyon, a canyon completely covered with ferns and mosses, dripping with moisture, this incredible landscape even captured Steven Spielberg’s imagination, for his Jurassic Park movie. The trail finishes on a beautiful pristine beach, that most of the time is completely deserted, a definite must if you make it to this wonderful national park.


Redwood National Parks


Mount Rainier National Park – This 263,000-acre wilderness around Washington’s highest peak is definitely a highlight of the Northwest. The tallest mountain in the Cascade Range, Mount Rainier is surrounded by valleys, waterfalls, meadows full of wildflowers and more than 25 glaciers. The Nisqually Vista Loop offers superb views of Mount Rainier and in the winter expect to see lots of snow and when the summer arrives the fields will be full of colourful wildflowers.


Mount Rainier National Park


Olympic National Park – This national park is a thing of beauty and variety, one minute you can find yourself walking through the temperate Hoh rainforest, exploring the glorious display of vibrant green moss hanging above you and the next minute you’re walking along pacific beaches that are scattered with driftwood from ancient trees, which give the beach a slight end of the world feel. There is so much to explore in Olympic National Park, you won’t know where to start!


Olympic National Park


So, if you find yourself making your way up the West Coast of America, be sure to stop off at these stunning national parks, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


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