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Our View: Highlights from Cape Breton Highlands

Posted on 15-Dec-2014

Our day in Cape Breton Highlands National Park began with an amazing drive along the spectacularly scenic Cabot Trail Highway. Named after early explorer John Cabot, this road twists and turns its way along beautiful coastal cliffs and through gorgeous mountain scenery. Even as someone who drives every day, it would be hard not to get excited by this beautiful drive.


Cabot Trail Highway


Our first stop of the day led us to the incomparable Skyline Trail. This 7 kilometre trail looped us through some wonderful forest scenery, along rugged cliffs and through open meadows. At the furthest point along this loop trail, a side trail led us along a board walk for even better views of the cliffs and the sea. We were even blessed with a rainbow to complete the majestic views. On our return hike, we all discussed how wonderful the views were and how if we could just see a moose, it would make it perfect. As we rounded a corner, our wishes were granted as a huge bull moose was enjoying a morning meal just off the trail. This beautiful and powerful animal was not interested in us at all, but still managed to pose for a few good photos.


Rainbow at Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Moose Cape Breton Highlands National Park


Returning to our vehicle, we proceeded around the park and made our way out to Dingwall, where we met our guides for our afternoon included kayak tour. We geared up and headed out into a gorgeous afternoon on the bay. Our guides were very knowledgeable about the area, having grown up there themselves, and taught us all about the flora and fauna of the region. My favourites were the beautiful (and harmless) jellyfish which passed under our kayaks. We stopped on the beach for a cup of tea and to hear about all the ships which had wrecked on the rocks there. Apparently there is still a bit of undiscovered treasure to be found in those waters.


Kayaking at Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Beach picnic at Cape Breton Highlands National Park


After making our way back to the base and saying goodbye to our guides, we proceeded around the coast to Neil’s Harbour where we enjoyed a fabulous seafood dinner overlooking the ocean. Rowan decided to get the seafood feast for two and enjoy it all by himself. He managed to finish the whole thing. Home-made ice cream sandwiches for desert gave us the energy to go for a walk and see the beautiful lighthouse.


Seafood dinner at Neil's Harbour

Cape Breton Highlands National Park lighthouse


As dusk settled on the coast, we made our way to our hotel for the night, a long but amazing day disappearing with the setting sun.


Cape Breton Highlands National Park coast


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