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Hiking & Horse Riding in Jackson, Wyoming

Posted on 13-Aug-2014

Jackson, Wyoming is a beautiful old west town located at the base of the Grand Teton mountain range. World renowned for its natural beauty, Jackson is also the base for dozens of interesting and exciting excursions. With so much to choose from, we had to get a jump on the day to make the most of our time there.



While some members of our group went on a highly adventurous white-water rafting trip down the Snake River, I took the rest into Grand Teton National Park for a morning hike. We stopped on the way at Mormon Row, an historic homestead with incredible views of the mountains. It is an amazing photo opportunity, and I’d bet my group alone took hundreds of shots from this spot.

Continuing on, we were stopped in our tracks by a moose in the water enjoying a morning meal. Somewhat rare to see in the wild, we all stood enjoying this amazing animal from afar and taking even more photos.




Our hike took us out around Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls, a beautiful waterfall tucked into a side canyon in the mountains. We stopped for a well-deserved lunch break by the river, and enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains behind us and the lake and valley below us on the return hike.

Returning to camp, everyone was excited for an activity they were really looking forward to, a horseback ride in the Gros Ventre Wilderness. After meeting with our wranglers, everyone got a hand up onto their horses, with reassurance and extra instruction provided to the first-timers in the group. Looking like proper cowboys and cowgirls, we ventured out on a 2 hour ride up a gorgeous ridge with wonderful views in every direction.




When we returned, we headed downtown for some more real cowboy fun at the ever popular Jackson Hole Rodeo. Watching local legends rope, ride and get bucked off of the wild horses and bulls was a really enjoyable activity. Everyone agreed that their horse ride in the afternoon was much more their speed and they would leave this kind of sport to the professionals.




After such an amazing and full day in beautiful Jackson but not wanting to go home just yet, we stopped by the infamous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on the town square. Pulling up a saddle barstool and a cold drink, we listened to the live band until we finally had to bring this action packed day to an end and head back to camp.




This truly is a beautiful place with extraordinary wildlife and a great place to experience authentic Western USA. Our Northwestern Park Trails tour gives you plenty of time to explore Jackson and the Teton Range in all its glory!

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