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Lesser-Known National Parks of North America Infographic

Posted on 13-Jun-2014

Bucket lists are all the rage these days and, if you're someone who has travelling to North America in their sights, you've no doubt already added visiting the Grand Canyon and Yosemite national parks to your compilation of 50 things to do before you die.

shutterstock_129371048In doing so, you certainly aren't alone, as the Grand Canyon gets 4.4 million visitors per year, while Yosemite's Tunnel View, made famous by Ansel Adams, is one of the most photographed panoramas anywhere in the world.

Of course, sharing these natural wonders with other visitors is no problem if you simply must see them, but if tourist crowds aren't for you, perhaps you might want to consider adding some of 'North America's Hidden Gems' to your list of things to do before you kick the proverbial can. After all, the USA alone has more than 50 national parks, with Canada adding another 37 possibilities for attaining natural nirvana.

To help those taking tours in the USA and Canada find their own pieces of paradise, we have created a stunning infographic highlighting just a few of these lesser-known national parks. In doing so, we have illustrated the incredible wealth of landscapes and outdoor experiences available to those who choose to visit this stunning part of the world.

Each park is represented by a spectacular panoramic shot to give you just a taster of the vistas you can expect when you arrive, accompanied by info on what activities you can experience while you're there and interesting snippets of trivia to merely add to the intrigue of these little-talked-about places.

If this infographic does inspire you to create your own bucket list of North America's hidden gems, why not take a look at our 'Olympic, Mount Rainier & St Helens' itinerary, for example?

During this week-long adventure, you'll spend three days exploring the stunning coastal scenery of the Olympic National Park in Washington, which features in our infographic.

Just as it describes, you'll trek through the lush rainforest along the Hoh River Trail, admire the towering sea stacks on Rialto Beach and really come to appreciate the park like the locals do as "a gift from the sea" and understand why it is such a favourite with the likes of the First Family and TV personality Martha Stewart - just some of the trivia you can pick up from our infographic!




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