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COVID-19 and Travel: What You Need to Know

Posted on 13-Mar-2020

Chances are, you’ve read the headlines and seen a LOT of social media posts, and you might be overwhelmed right now with the amount of information (and misinformation) regarding coronavirus – or COVID-19.

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Get Fit For Your 2020 Adventures

Posted on 23-Jan-2020

Let’s see a show of hands of those who decided that ‘get fit’ should be a New Year’s resolution for 2020? Although it can be a particularly tricky resolution to keep, you’re far more likely to succeed with the right motivation. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our most active adventures that are worth getting fit for.

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America’s Top Deserts

Posted on 22-Jan-2020

As we’re coming to the end of dry January, we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate some of the driest deserts across the US that you can visit on your next Grand American Adventure. Far from being endless stretches into the abyss, America’s deserts dish out some of the country’s best hidden gems, from ancient aboriginal art to monolithic sandstone chimneys and sightings of desert-adapted wildlife, there’s plenty to see when you venture into these remote landscapes. Read on for some travel inspiration as we reveal our 5 must visit deserts in 2020.

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5 Must-See Blue Destinations

Posted on 17-Jan-2020

Blue Monday. Synonymous for post-Christmas blues, long, dark evenings and a general sense of gloom in the air, this National Awareness Day isn’t normally a cause for celebration. However, at Grand American Adventures we think this is a perfect opportunity to start planning your next year of unforgettable adventures across the Americas. In keeping with the blue theme, we’ve handpicked a couple of our favourite blue destinations to spark your spirit of wanderlust this January!

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5 top trips you must do in 2020

Posted on 18-Dec-2019

Whether you’re craving urban adventures or wilderness discoveries in 2020 (or perhaps a blend of both), the USA and Canada boast a rich variety that is bound to tick off your bucket list. Venture south for unparalleled hospitality and delicious flavours, or head north to see an abundance of interesting wildlife. To the east, the liveliest musical cities await. And in the west, cityscapes meet vast deserts. Which direction will you take this year?

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Top 5 Most Christmassy Destinations in the USA

Posted on 18-Dec-2019

America has done more than most any other country to shape our view of the modern-day Christmas. Whether it’s the shiny red costume of Santa Claus, the abundant Christmas movies or even the iconic songs of Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby, when we celebrate the season, we’re indebted to American traditions. Perhaps that’s why we’re so drawn to these US destinations at Christmas time. Here are our top picks for the most Christmassy places in America…

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Yellowstone Winter Wildlife – A Magical Experience

Posted on 30-Oct-2019

When you book your trip with Grand American Adventures you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our Specialist Tour Guides. Providing a wealth of local knowledge and expertise on selected wildlife and geology trips, our guides help you experience the areas far beyond the scope of your average visitor, whether it’s tracking wolves in Yellowstone or enjoying an exhilarating hike with a naturalist across Yosemite National Park.  

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Travelling with the Experts – Meet Jay Burleson

Posted on 17-Oct-2019

When embarking on a real adventure, perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain authentic experiences in the most amazing of places, having an expert tour leader, who can not only take you to those places but also provide the knowledge and enthusiasm so you can really live them, will make that trip one to remember.

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Comfort guaranteed – Life on the Road with Grand American Adventures

Posted on 03-Oct-2019

When choosing an adventure of a lifetime, what are the things you look for? Perhaps, it’s visiting an amazing location with stunning landscapes, or embarking on a unique experience that is so far removed from everyday life that it will create a lifelong memory.

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Four of the Best Autumn Walks to Take in the USA

Posted on 24-Sep-2019

It could be argued that America is at its most beautiful in the autumn. The colours, the climate and the quieter season make it the ideal time to plan a walk on some of its magnificent trails. With such a range of diverse places to choose from, we have picked out four of our favourites for this time of year.

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