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A Beginner's Guide to Hawaii

Posted on 25-Sep-2017

Looking for some travel inspiration? You're in the right place! This month, Will Hide makes his way to Grand American Adventures' newest destination - Hawaii...

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The Best Winter Destinations in the Americas

Posted on 23-Sep-2017

 Whether you’re seeking winter sun or want to experience the Americas in their festive glory – the winter months offer a different perspective in terms of travel in the USA, Canada, Central and South America.

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15 Amazing Photos of Yellowstone in Winter

Posted on 21-Sep-2017

It's fair to say that Yellowstone National Park is, most certainly, a crowd-pleaser. And for good reason - the awe-inspiring scenery, charismatic wildlife and bubbling, spurting geysers are three of the most commonly photographed aspects of the park.

However - most will only see the park when the sun's shining and the shorts and flip-flops are out. For a truly unique experience of this well-known wilderness, why not visit Yellowstone in winter?

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QUIZ: Find Your Adventure

Posted on 14-Sep-2017

With over 80 excitement-packed Grand American Adventures itineraries on offer, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your holiday plans. We offer a variety of tour styles suited to your individual tastes and know that the perfect adventure is out there waiting for you – and with the help of our handy quiz, we can help you find it!

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Experiencing the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Posted on 30-Aug-2017

On August 21st 2017, the USA went dark.

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba

Posted on 23-Aug-2017


I think it’s rather unfair on the poor Americans – who I always find make very good travel companions – to sniffily shout “ooh, get to Cuba now before it changes”……. "it" being not-so-secret code for the Hawaiian-shirted hordes massing in Miami, ready to launch a hundred Starbucks and Subways in Havana before you can say “viva Fidel!”

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Central America’s Mayan Highlights

Posted on 22-Aug-2017

When you think of classical civilizations, chances are the Mayans will be one of the first to spring to mind. Originating in the Yucatan and dominating Central America for 1200 years, they’re known for their architecture, art and hieroglyphs.

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Eight Things You Never Knew About Sloths

Posted on 17-Aug-2017


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Unique Places to Experience Thanksgiving in the USA

Posted on 10-Aug-2017

A cornerstone of American culture and one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the USA's annual calendar, Thanksgiving is a time of feasting and family celebration. For travellers, it presents an opportunity to see one of the country's most colourful and cosy events, marked as it is with a mixture of family-centred meals and grand parades.

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Finding Adventure on the Colorado River

Posted on 25-Jul-2017

In today’s world full of technology, stress and mod cons our adventurous spirit has gone into hiding. It can probably be found hiding under a blanket of spreadsheets and to-do-lists, the most adventurous we get is trying to cross the road during rush hour.

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