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The Best Times of the Year to Spot the Most Wildlife in North America

Posted on 21-Sep-2019

North America boasts some blockbuster wildlife, but which months are the ideal time of year to discover the best of it?

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The Grand American Adventures Walk of Fame

Posted on 14-Aug-2019

From the celebrated musical destinations of the Deep South to Route 66 – the most famous highway in the USA, our Grand American Adventures trips are a Walk of Fame, introducing you to incredible locations that are associated with some of the biggest names in America and beyond.

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Five Top USA Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

Posted on 25-Jul-2019

America’s contribution to music cannot be overstated. The USA is the birthplace of some of the world’s most popular  music genres, from Rock’n’Roll to Hip hop, creating iconic artists like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift... we could go on!

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Ethical Wildlife in North America

Posted on 20-Jun-2019


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Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba

Posted on 20-May-2019


I think it’s rather unfair on the poor Americans – who I always find make very good travel companions – to sniffily shout “ooh, get to Cuba now before it changes”……. "it" being not-so-secret code for the Hawaiian-shirted hordes massing in Miami, ready to launch a hundred Starbucks and Subways in Havana before you can say “viva Fidel!”

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Only In Alaska: Six Unique Perspectives on Alaska's Most Amazing Adventures

Posted on 09-May-2019

This month, we’re shining a very special spotlight on one of our most magical and beguiling regions; the last frontier, the Alaskan wilderness. From wildlife spotting to unforgettable camping experiences, pure solitude and magnificent views – it’s a once in a lifetime destination that deserves to be on any traveller’s bucket list.


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Our Specialists Favourites: Top trips from the experts

Posted on 15-Apr-2019

With over 70 itineraries and 40+ years’ experience, we know a thing or two about The Americas. But none of this is possible without our specialists, a team of passionate, knowledgable and adventure-hungry people. We’ve got our national park devotees and city slickers; East Coast explorers and West Coast wanderers; camping experts and hotel know-it-alls. Here are their favourite trips…

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Adventurous Overnighters: Unique Sleeps in the Americas

Posted on 14-Mar-2019

We’re celebrating the most exciting and adventurous sleeping spots in the Americas! 

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Ways to See the Grand Canyon

Posted on 27-Feb-2019

The Grand Canyon is huge. Carved over several millennia, this massive wonder of nature is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep. With such wonder on this scale, where do you start? Especially if you’ve got limited time?

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4 Best Cycling Holidays in the USA for 2019

Posted on 15-Feb-2019
Cycling holidays in the USA are emerging into travellers’ consciousness as being an exciting and innovative way to unravel some of the States’ best places. The best cycling roads in the USA are generous hosts: you’ll see stunning scenery, meet great people, and have the joy of knowing you earned it all with your pedalling.

Cycling through Wine Country

From the saddle you can savour the very best of California wine country, with routes that link up fine vineyards with opportunities to enjoy the fruits of your labour with included wine tastings along the way. Your ride takes you on quiet roads through Napa Valley and Sonoma County, where the vineyards stretch to the horizon in aesthetically pleasing green lines. Along the way you’ll stop for indulgent moments that are well-deserved: enjoy a recovery hot spring spa and massage treatment, wine tastings, and a visit to the millennia old Redwood forests that California is known for. And if you’re more of a bikes and beers cyclist, then never fear – there’s craft beers at the Stone Brewing restaurant as well.

Cycling California Wine Country

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