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Our View: Plain of Six Glaciers Trail at Lake Louise

Posted on 28-Jul-2014

I remember vividly looking at various magazine advertisements for outdoor gear as a kid. You know, the picture of the perfect couple – standing on the edge of a cliff in awe of the scenery that appears just too perfect to be real? Their bodies erected tall, each with one leg bent, chins up and hiking poles held at a perfect angle. To this you can add their hair which usually flowed gently into the wind as they stood so proudly into the foreground of a spotless sky – a view that could inspire entire generations to boycott western civilization as if it were obsolete.

The mountainsides of the Canadian Rockies were chiselled out of the same material that dreams are made of. This is what freedom looks like – a splendid canvas onto which all of your wildest fantasies can stretch wide. Miles and miles of dedicated focus and deep breaths – a perfect cure for our stressed out minds and bodies. A few days on some on the best hiking trails that Canada has to offer and I promise you that you will feel rejuvenated. Pure air, sunshine energy and friendly faces – exactly what the doctor should have ordered.

Although I am no fitness model, I got to feel like that confident girl on an awe-inspiring Patagonia cover Ad.  A few miles of dedicated footprints within this territory and you will get in touch with the idea of re-inventing your entire life. For me, it always goes back to coming home after a few weeks of camping – the doors to my house always look like they have shrunk – as if they were now too narrow to fit all of my dreams.


Walking in the Canadian Rockies Freedom of the Canadian Rockies


Little did I know that tea tastes even sweeter at 6900 feet above sea level. Too bad that there is not enough traffic around here to put Starbucks out of business, otherwise this big American giant might have to shut down a few of it’s franchises. Welcome to the most charming tea house in the Western Hemisphere.

A few hours of pioneering through the Plain of Six Glaciers up from Lake Louise and you will be able to trade in your double skinny soy latte for something much simpler – a warm cup of steamy hot flavours evaporating in the daze of a sunny afternoon. Chamomile or mint, porcelain or stainless steel – either way, it will blend in well.

The lack of electricity has kept business a lot simpler for this classic mountainous tea house which was originally built by two Swiss guides back in 1927. Still as charming as ever – its minimalist design will leave cute paw prints imprinted onto your heart. Flashing your Mastercard around here will be as useless as trying to pay with gold bars. Thankfully they still accept cheques – make sure to pack these into your luggage as we have found a marvelous way for you to burn through your dusty chequebooks. A very interesting business model considering that most of the supplies have to be helicoptered in or carried up by horseback – and yes, you got it, you will need to hike up.

Sorry, but postcard–perfect looks are not for the faint at heart within this magical paradise.


Walking the Plain of Six Glaciers Walking the Plain of Six Glaciers


Peyto Lake, Canada Peyto Lake, Canada


Outdoors in the Canadian Rockies Outdoors in the Canadian Rockies



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