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QUIZ: Find Your Adventure

Posted on 14-Sep-2017

With over 80 excitement-packed Grand American Adventures itineraries on offer, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your holiday plans. We offer a variety of tour styles suited to your individual tastes and know that the perfect adventure is out there waiting for you – and with the help of our handy quiz, we can help you find it!

Welcome to Moab, an adventurer’s paradise! How are you going to explore it?

A Mountain biking along the ridges and terrains - a real adrenaline rush! 
B Checking out the Moab Museum to brush up on local history
C Hiking a trail that takes in the incredible rock formations of Arches National Park


Arches National Park


What’s most important to you when travelling?

A Packing in as much action as possible
B Getting to know the local culture
C Mixing your interests with relaxing down-time


You’re in the Deep South – what are you looking forward to the most?

A Perfecting your line dancing steps in Nashville
B Chowing down on some delicious food before checking out the local music scene in New Orleans
C Exploring the history of Civil Rights movement in Memphis and Birmingham


New Orleans street scene


The Grand Canyon is calling – but what activity are you most likely to be found doing there?

A Hiking the Bright Angel Trail into the Canyon for incredible views
B A once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride over the Canyon
C Learning more about how this incredible natural wonder was formed


What’s your must-see national park?

A Great Sand Dunes National Park - time for some sandboarding action!
B Washington D.C National Mall, packed with fascinating museums
C Yellowstone National Park, for the amazing landscapes and wildlife


Great Sand Dunes National Park


Which of these Alaskan adventures would you be lining up for first?

A Ice climbing your way across one of the world's most amazing glaciers
B Cruising for wildlife, with an included on-board lunch
C Learning more about this fascinating wilderness from an expert guide


How'd you score - and what's your tour?!


Mountain Biking.jpg

Mostly A – Adrenaline is your middle name, and you’ll find plenty of it on one of our Active tours.

Our recommendations: Colorado Multi Active, Canadian Park Trails, Alaskan Adventure


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Mostly B – You’re a bit of a culture vulture, so our Discovery tours are right up your street.

Our recommendations: Deep South & Delta Blues, Historic Route 66, Northeastern Explorer


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Jean-Robson-Alaska- extension bear  viewing (Brooks Falls)- Alaskan Adventure- image 1.jpg

Mostly C – When it comes to travel, you like to go deeper and get under the skin of your location – so our In-Depth tours are perfect for you.

Our recommendations: Yellowstone and Teton In-DepthOlympic & Vancouver Island In-Depth, Canyon Country In-Depth


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