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5 Reasons Why Family Adventure Holidays are The Best

Posted on 16-Jan-2015

Family holidays can be some of the best times you share with your loved ones, so it is really important that you make the right choices when booking your trip.

We offer a range of family adventure holidays that will expose your family to exciting new travel experiences that have been designed by parents with both fun and safety in mind. Here are five reasons why we believe small group adventure travel with your family is the way to go.


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1. Amazing activities are included in the price

You are probably aware of just how much fun travelling to the States can be! With some of the best National Parks and cities in the world, fun is literally around every corner. Our family adventure holidays have a long list of great activities that both you and your family will enjoy. With so many amazing activities included in the price of the tour, such as horseback riding in Utah, cycling in Canada and a Navajo back roads tour of Monument Valley, you can literally sit back and enjoy the journey.


Family Biking in Canada


2. You don’t have to worry about a thing

Our passionate and knowledgeable tour leaders will help make your family holiday one of the best you've ever had, by taking away all of the stress you otherwise might encounter. As you arrive at National Parks such as Yosemite and the Grand Canyon your tour leader will share with you the best hikes and view points, so you really don't miss out on all the best bits. Any activities you might like to do, whether included or optional, your tour leader will try to help you in every way possible. Most of our tour leaders have been leading tours for numerours years and their passion for their home land will no doubt rub off on you and make your holiday one to remember for years to come.


Father and daughter in mountains


3. Value for money

A family holiday is not cheap, and making sure you get value for your money whilst still being confident you'll have best time, is really important! Our family camping tours will provide your family with a real sense of adventure and all meals are included, which is a great way for the group to cut costs, whilst getting to know each other around a camp fire. Also included in our tours are all National Park entrance fees and a long list of fun activities. If you're travelling with children under the age of 16 you will also receive a 10% discount off the price of the tour. So you can rest assured that opting for an adventure holiday with us, will help to make sure you have more money to spend on souvenirs and those extra special holiday treats.


Jo Cliffe.jpg


4. Creating life long memories with like-minded families

North America attracts families from all over the world and travelling in a small group will allow you to meet other like-minded, adventurous families. Together you'll explore beautiful landscapes and take on new experiences and hopefully new friendships will be formed. The kids will enjoy having other kids to play with, whilst in the evenings you can share stories around a camp fire with other parents.


Jo Cliffe 3.jpg


5. Entertaining and educational

Everyone knows that education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and a trip to North America will open their eyes to the world around them. With so many diverse landscapes from one state to the next, watch as your kids look on in amazement as they walk underneath the canopy of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park and explore iconic cities. National Parks across the States offer Junior Ranger programmes where your kids can learn about the park and its wildlife, whilst having fun. At the end of the day they will be rewarded with their very own Junior Ranger badge and ceremony and it won't be long before they realise just how incredible North America really is.


Girl in front of Golden Gate Bridge


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