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Rediscover Your Senses in New York City

Posted on 02-Jul-2014

There is nothing I like more than wandering around a bustling city and taking it all in. The unique sounds, smells and tastes are what make travelling so important to me. New York City in particular as an incredible array of places that make your senses come alive.

Fragrance Garden in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The Fragrance Garden was the first garden in the USA to be designed for the sight-impaired and visitors to this beautiful place are encouraged to smell and touch the plants. The plants and flowers are labelled with Braille and in the summer months the Botanical Gardens stay open two hours longer, so you can enjoy a nice stroll in the evening sunshine.



The New York Public Library

Nothing quite beats the smell of an old or used book and with nearly 53 million items in the New York Public Library this is definitely a place where your sense of smell comes alive. The library is the second largest in the United States and the third largest in the world. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the busy Manhattan streets, the quiet library atmosphere will be music to your ears.



Levain Bakery

Located on the Upper West Side neighbourhood of Manhattan the Levain Bakery is what doughy dreams are made of. You can definitely smell the bakery a mile off with their freshly baked aroma pouring out the door. But, what the Levain Bakery is really famous for is their huge doughy cookies, which are left unbaked in the middle, making them even more delicious and gooey. Lunchtime here means cookie time and your taste buds are certainly in for a treat.



Chelsea Flower District

Manhattan’s flower district is home to a spectacular array of flower stalls, which range from fresh-cut flowers to exotic plants to foliage and trees. Wandering around you feel like you have entered an urban jungle as even the sidewalks are filled with people selling their wares. To get the pick of the bunch (excuse the pun), we recommend you get there around 8am and enjoy walking around one of the nicest smelling streets in the city.



Brooklyn Roasting Company

There is nothing better than the sweet, sweet smell of coffee (or should we say cawfee) in the morning. If it’s good old-fashioned, no nonsense coffee you’re after, you won’t be disappointed here. With classic blends from all over the world, your senses will be taken to Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia and many other exotic places.



There you have it, New York City is a fabulous place with lots of things to see, touch and smell. Our Northeastern Explorer tour starts and finishes in this vibrant city, so make sure you if you join us on the road you book a couple of days before and after your tour to really get to the heart of NYC and give your senses the ultimate treat.


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