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Small Group Holidays & Lifetime Friendships

Posted on 07-Apr-2015

They often say that travelling broadens the mind, it offers curious travellers spectacular landscapes, thrilling adventures and life-changing experiences. Over the years, we have seen first hand the forging of lifelong friendships, relationships, and even marriages, all from just a band of strangers getting together over their love of travel.

During your small group holiday, you will naturally meet a diverse range of people, some of whom may become your friends for life. Why? The answer is simple. You'll be experiencing some of the most awe-inspiring moments of your life together, and in the space of two weeks, you may find yourself telling each other stories that even your close friends back home don't know.


Forging bonds

When on the road, you'll quickly learn that there is very little pretence. In this world of travel, people don't question your motives, everyone has their guard down and there is a general camaraderie. As you're all in the same boat, you often understand one another; a common mutuality between complete strangers.

But it will usually be one or two people that you really strike a strong bond with. Travelling with these like-minded individuals will give you the chance to meet people on an entirely different wavelength from you. This may sound scary but it opens new opportunities. These people are not from where you're from, so they possess stories, experiences and skills that may be completely alien to you - that's where the fun starts and the friendships begin.


Lake Tahoe


New experiences

On the trip itself, it's the rich experiences that really will create an incredibly strong bond. Whether it's drinking cocktails while watching a panoramic sunset or gazing upon one of the natural wonders of the world together, these small moments will go a long way in cementing your relationship.

This is further reinforced by removing yourself from the daily digital world of emails, phone calls and social media that we live in. Living with each other constantly and focusing on traditional face-to-face interaction, all while sharing some unforgettable experiences, will build a very powerful tie.

By the end of your small group tour, you may feel like you know more about your fellow travellers than you do your closest friends, and that is certainly something you should hold onto.


Lake Tahoe


After the fun

A year after your trip, you may find yourself still in contact with these people and even meeting up with them regularly. This is great, not just for expanding your group of friends across different ages, nationalities and backgrounds, but also for giving you a reason to visit where they live and see more of this wonderful world.

Beyond the links you establish with other people, travelling with a group of strangers also help you have a better understanding of who you really are. You're suddenly in a place without the support of other people and so the trip soon becomes an exercise in self-discovery - these lessons you can carry with you for the rest of your life.



So why not book one of our incredible small group holidays and see the more social side of exploring the world?


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