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The Best Winter Destinations in the Americas

Posted on 23-Sep-2017

Whether you’re seeking winter sun or want to experience the Americas in their festive glory – the winter months offer a different perspective in terms of travel in the USA, Canada, Central and South America.

See snow-dusted hoodoos, Bryce Canyon

 Day 4 004.jpg

Bryce Canyon is a remarkable and striking landscape in the summer, with its twisted spires of rock stretching up from the ground. But these ‘hoodoos’ are perhaps even more impressive during winter, when a dusting of snow settles – the white of the snow contrasting with the burnt orange rocks.


Canyons and Indian Lands


Spot Polar Bears in Churchill

fall crawler and bear .jpg

Get up close with the world’s most festive animals – watching polar bears in their natural habitat is a real experience of a lifetime! In Churchill, you’ll see the famous ‘Polar Bear Jail', where polar bears who stray too close to town are temporarily looked after until they can safely be returned to the wild.


Churchill Polar Bear Experience


Celebrate Christmas in New Orleans


For a truly unique festive experience, lap up Christmas Day Deep South style in New Orleans. See the decorated trees of City Park, and the sparkling lights of the Roosevelt Hotel lobby. For Christmas dinner, add a taste of Louisiana to the ‘traditional’ fayre as you experience a true festive season to remember!


Deep South and Delta Blues


Walk with winter wildlife in Yellowstone


In winter, less tourists make their way to America’s first national park – so it’s the perfect time to go in search of Yellowstone’s abundant wildlife population. From elks and deer to wolves and bears, with less visitors, the assortment of incredible creatures in the park are more likely to be spotted out in the open, hunting for food. Prepare your zoom lens as you make fresh tracks in crisp white snow, and experience Yellowstone in a truly special setting.


Yellowstone Winter Wildlife In-Depth


Explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica


One of the world’s most biodiverse countries, the weather in Costa Rica is slightly cooler in the winter months. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be wrapping up warm – temperatures are still comfortably in the low to mid-twenties, which is the perfect balance between holiday vibes and sweating with every step! Explore lush jungle and cloud forests, stretch out on sandy beaches and resist a smug smile thinking of the folks back home…


Discover Costa Rica


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