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The Spectacular Glacier National Park

Posted on 09-Mar-2018

 Glacier National Park has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world - and tour leader Ali is one of its biggest fans...


Call me biased—I did just spend three days there, but there’s something wonderful about Glacier National Park. It soothes the soul.

Maybe it’s the fact that you can still see glaciers (albeit small ones, but there are still 26 in the park) and glacial lakes, which are astoundingly perfect looking; clear blue and surrounded by mountains.

Hiking through Glacier National Park


The view from the top


Maybe it’s all the mountain goats running around, which really do look like wise old men.

Or maybe it’s the fact that wolverines live there, real ones, not the superhero (alright, so maybe they’re not exactly soul soothing. Wolverines are ferocious little animals, they’ve been known to take down elk and even moose, which are about 50 times heavier). Whatever it is, Glacier is one of my favourite places in America.


The three wise men


The best way to see Glacier National Park is to hike. Unfortunately, it’s one of the national parks where leaders aren’t allowed to hike with passengers. But the group journeyed on without me, hiking all over the park, to Iceberg Lake, where they spotted bighorn sheep, and up to Ptarmigan tunnel, which provides one of most arresting views in the park.

As for me, I hung out with some Columbian ground squirrels and a fellow tour leader, and dwelt on the awesomeness of Glacier. Triple Divide Peak, where the water from the summit flows into three different oceans—the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic, is quite a spectacle.


Columbian ground squirrel


There's probably a metaphor in there somewhere, like how, after this trip, we’re going to go our own separate ways, but we still remember those moments, standing together at the top of some of the country’s most amazing peaks. But that seems a little corny, and none of us are ever ready to think about that eventual moment of separation.

Better to just enjoy the tranquillity of Glacier and watch the baby mountain goats, that pretty much make any day a great one.



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