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Top 10 Adventure Trips to Take in Your 40s

Posted on 08-Nov-2016

Ever had the urge to get away and do something totally out of the ordinary? To swap your drive to work with sandboarding down colossal dunes, or your time in the office with rafting through the wilderness? Your knee-jerk reaction those thoughts might be disregard them as flights of fancy - but do you really want to? Do you even have to?

Your 40s don't need to be confined to routine - even one you love - especially when it's so easy to shake things up with a holiday. Home to spectacular national parks and dizzying cities, the USA is an unbeatable destination for all kinds of adventures. Here are our top 10 adventure trips for people in their 40s.


1) Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon rafting

Photo credit: iStock

The Grand Canyon is the USA's most iconic natural wonder. Most tourists see it from the edge of the south rim, but you can step up the thrill level by rafting right through this vast chasm on the Colorado River instead. In fact, you can explore the entire length of the Grand Canyon this way, catching up to class IV whitewater rapids as you go.


2) Swimming in side canyons

Swimming in side canyons

Photo credit: Flickr/Granick

As you'd expect from a world-famous natural wonder that's 277 miles long and a top tourist attraction, there's more than one thrill to be had here. Get off the beaten track by taking a dip in a side canyon and feel the water of the Colorado River caressing your skin. A truly rejuvenating experience!


3) Hiking from the south to north rim

Grand Canyon hiking

Photo credit: iStock

Hiking might not initially sound too adventurous - but hiking from one rim of the Grand Canyon all the way to the other? Stopping at waterfalls and ranches along the way? Now that's adventure.


4) Dog sledding

Dog sledding

Photo credit: iStock

Think you're past the age of playing in the snow? Think again. Dog sledding in the Rockies not only gives you the chance to explore the glorious landscape, but also experience the sheer exhilaration of travelling in this way. You may well find yourself wishing you could swap your car for huskies and a sled back home!


5) Cross-country skiing

Cross country skiing

Photo credit: iStock

Prefer to propel yourself through the snow than have husky do it for you? No problem! One of the finest ways to explore the glorious Canadian landscape is by cross-country skiing somewhere like Jasper National Park. Make your way through dramatic mountain scenery and visit scenic highlights like the Athabasca Falls along the way.


6) Sandboarding


A landscape of grasslands, wetlands and the tallest sand dunes in North America, Great Sand Dunes National Park is a delight to explore on foot - but why do that when you can sandboard instead? Combining sightseeing with a serious amount of fun, sandboarding is much like skateboarding, but without wheels and with the bonus of a soft landing if you lose your balance!


7) Western horseback riding

Horseback riding

Photo credit: iStock

Ever wanted to experience life as a cowboy - even for just a few minutes? Of course you have. In the USA, it's actually quite easy to do so. Head to the west and spend some time connecting with your inner cowboy with a spot of horseback riding in Bryce Canyon National Park.


8) Helicopter flights

Helicopter rides

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Few experiences compare to the thrill of being in the helicopter. The lurch of takeoff, the amazing views, the sound of the propeller - it's utterly unique, and something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. And if you can pair it with an incredible destination, so much the better. Why not try a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or the Las Vegas Strip?


9) Canoeing in the wilderness


Photo credit: iStock

Canoeing can be a great adventure in its own right. So can exploring the Canadian wilderness. So why not combine the two? Oh, and make it an overnight adventure as well. This is perhaps the ultimate wild experience - perfect if you're looking for a truly unforgettable thrill.


10) Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking

Photo credit: iStock

There's a lot to be said for daytime adventure on the water too - after all, you can see a little more then! The dramatic landscapes of Alaska are perfect for admiring from the waves, so try a little sea kayaking in Valdez.


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