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Our Top 10 Natural Wonders in North America

Posted on 26-Nov-2013

North America has a vast array of natural wonders from breath-taking mountain ranges, to lakes, deserts, canyons and beautiful beaches.

With much deliberation here is my top 10 natural wonders of America!

10 - Yellowstone National Park – for its preservation of Old Faithful and the world’s largest collection of geysers

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park


9 - Grand Canyon – for the stunning views from the south rim and the option to soar above in a helicopter


The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon


8 - Yosemite National Park – for its deep valleys and Giant Sequoias


Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park


7 - Rocky Mountains – for its emerald-coloured Moraine Lake, which is beautiful from any angle


The beautiful Rocky Mountains The beautiful Rocky Mountains


6 - Niagara Falls – for the moment you get up-close and feel the spray


Niagra Falls Niagra Falls


5 - Mississippi River – for its diverse culture that meanders through the heart of the South


Cruise on the Mississippi River Cruise on the Mississippi River


4 - Death Valley – for its Badwater Basin, which covers over 200 square miles and is so flat and sparse that it alters your sense of perspective


Death Valley Death Valley


3 - Appalachian Mountains – for the endless hiking opportunities and lush green scenery


Trekking through the Appalachian Mountains Trekking through the Appalachian Mountains


2 - Mount St Helens – for its ability to regenerate following its destruction from the massive volcano eruption in 1980


Mount St Helens Mount St Helens


1 - Bryce Canyon – for its out-of-this-world ‘hoodoo’ landscape and amazing rock formations


Walking through Bryce Canyon Walking through Bryce Canyon


If any of these have whet your appetite then why not take a look at the selection of tours that Grand American Adventures offer and go and see these natural wonders for yourself.


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