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Top 3 Unique Canadian Wilderness Experiences

Posted on 24-Aug-2018

The Canadian wilds provide unrivalled wilderness opportunities. These are unique, unparalleled adventures that encompasses that true pioneering spirit of the great outdoors. Sacrifice a few creature comforts and you’ll gain so much more in exchange.

To get you started, we've uncovered three unique wilderness experiences in the Canadian wilderness.


Wilderness Canoe Expedition



Wells Gray Provincial Park is an underrated gem of the Canadian wilderness. Most people head for famous neighbour Jasper National Park, leaving Wells Gray peacefully free of crowds and day trippers. It’s this serenity which lures you in; the best way to experience it is in perfect tranquillity, gliding across the lake aboard two-man Canadian canoes, with only the dip of your paddle and the ripples to disturb the peace of the moment.

All around you, mountains soar towards the clouds, skirted by deep, rich evergreens that hug the sandy shores. Born of volcanoes and glaciers, a landscape sculpted by powerful elemental forces and now pristine and wonderfully wild, this is a place to lose your WiFi but find a deeper connection.

But you’re not just here for a quick dip. This is an immersive two-day experience – your destination for this evening is a secluded wilderness camp on the other side of the lake, away from it all, where you’ll have just your campfire and the constellations up above for company.

Snuggle down in your tents and let the natural rhythm of the world take over as the forests around you fill with shadows. It’s worth waking up a little earlier than you’d like – clasping a steaming cup of campfire coffee and watching the sun rise is an experience you’ll never forget.

Canadian Park Trails


Heli Hiking in the Wilderness: NEW for 2019



Imagine the thrill: the thudding noise of the helicopter blades up ahead, the rush of wind hitting your face whilst your eyes water, the tingle in your toes, twitching inside your walking boots, raring to go. These are the sensations that await you on a heli hike, as the bulbous helicopter comes into view.

The flight itself is so much more than a means of transport: soaring over the mountainscape beneath you, jagged points as far as the eye can see, you’re combining the joy of a scenic flight with the anticipation of yet more to come. Landing in the midst of a pristine wilderness, you’ve been transported far from the cities behind, and ahead is three days of hiking in the remote hinterlands of Canada’s infamously heart-stopping landscapes.

Forget your mod cons, your pleasant picnic tables and your hot power showers; this is a true backcountry experience away from everything. These next few days are yours, to wander at will – but remember, this is wild country, and humankind is no longer in control.

Canadian Rockies and Wilderness Walk (2019 departures only)


Yukon Canoe Expedition



Embrace the spirit of the pioneers on this rugged, back to basics open canoe expedition into Gold Rush territory. This is the challenging terrain trespassed by prospectors in the 1898 gold rush, a brief explosion that made a lucky few very rich, but ruined many others.

Follow the wild river bends of the mighty Yukon, the second longest river in Canada, for a distance of 320km of wilderness. This area is little touched since those prospecting days, making it a haven for Black Bears, moose, eagles, beavers and the occasional Grizzly Bear wandering down to the water to drink.

It’s one of the finest, least intrusive wildlife spotting experiences you’ll ever have. Evenings will be spent swapping stories around the campfire, wild camping on the sandy river bank in complete isolation from the world and its cares. Expect to come back to civilisation six days later with a bump.

Yukon Canoe Expedition


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