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QUIZ: Find Your Adventure

Posted on 14-Sep-2017

With over 80 excitement-packed Grand American Adventures itineraries on offer, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your holiday plans. We offer a variety of tour styles suited to your individual tastes and know that the perfect adventure is out there waiting for you – and with the help of our handy quiz, we can help you find it!

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Hawaii: A Tropical Paradise for Adventure Lovers

Posted on 10-Jul-2017

For the first time, after huge passenger demand, Grand American Adventures are heading to Hawaii! Many visit the 50th state for its knockout scenery and tropical climates, which you’ll certainly get a big dose of if you visit. But if your idea of paradise is less ‘beach life’ and more ‘adrenaline rush’, there are also plenty of opportunities to induldge your sense of adventure, while truly getting under the skin of the fascinating Hawaiian islands.


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15 Inspiring Photos from the Appalachian Trail

Posted on 14-Jun-2017

With the Western states perhaps being the more favoured locations for finding active adventures, the stunning East is often overlooked. But if hiking in incredible scenery is your thing, the Appalachian Trail offers some of the most rewarding sights in the United States. Combining quality backcountry hiking with vistas and foiliage that's a photographer's dream, we've rounded up 15 incredible shots that will have you packing your hiking boots (and camera!) for an Appalachian adventure.

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Unexpected Adventures in and around Las Vegas

Posted on 31-May-2017

This month, regular guest blogger Will Hide explores how buzzing Las Vegas can be an unlikely springboard for active adventurers...

“A little bit of this town goes a very long way,” said author and journalist Hunter S Thompson once about Las Vegas. You may or may not agree. For every person who fears and loathes the city, there’s another who just can’t get enough and goes back year after year. Even my family is divided.

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Top Adventure Activities in Colorado

Posted on 03-Apr-2017

Colorado has become known for its fantastic winter activities, making it one of the go-to destinations for thrill seekers throughout the cold season. However, it is worth remembering that there is also plenty to do in the state during the summer months.


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Our Top 5 Things to do in Alaska in Summer

Posted on 22-Feb-2017

Alaska sometimes feels like its own country rather than the 49th state of the USA. Situated in the far northwest of Northern America, Alaska is the largest state by area and shares its border with the Canadian Yukon Territory. A trip to Alaska will leave you captivated, with its rugged charm, unique culture and pristine wilderness and coastline. With a state so vast, we thought we would help you out with a few activities that are a must in this wild and wonderful state.

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Top 10 Adventure Trips to Take in Your 40s

Posted on 08-Nov-2016

Ever had the urge to get away and do something totally out of the ordinary? To swap your drive to work with sandboarding down colossal dunes, or your time in the office with rafting through the wilderness? Your knee-jerk reaction those thoughts might be disregard them as flights of fancy - but do you really want to? Do you even have to?

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Top Adventure Holidays to do in the USA this Summer

Posted on 06-Jul-2016

A summer spent in the USA promises new adventures and days spent having fun in the sunshine.

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Our View: Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip

Posted on 11-Mar-2016

The Grand Canyon sparks ideas of a vast expanse going on as far as the eye can see, barren, dry and lacking mercy in a harsh environment; yet blessed with incredible vistas and chameleon colours, which change with the rise and fall of the sun.

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Our Guide to Choose the Right Hiking Clothes

Posted on 28-Aug-2015

Finding the right clothes for your hike can be surprisingly tricky. Factors such as the length of your trip, the weather (as well as how changeable it is expected to be!) and the kind of terrain you'll be facing are all important factors to consider.

This guide will help you navigate the sea of options available, from getting to grips with the number and type of layers you need to the best materials for your trip.

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