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Why the USA should be on your travel bucket list

Posted on 27-Apr-2015

The USA is truly a nation of superlatives. Boasting everything from the biggest trees to the grandest of canyons, it also plays host to some of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities on the planet. But because it is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives - films, music and food from America saturate our shores - it is easy to think that this behemoth of a country has no surprises left to offer us. Little could be further from the truth.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own 'Epic' Journey

Posted on 03-Feb-2015

As soon as everyone heard that Hollywood were making Cheryl Strayed's Pacific Crest Trail journey into a movie we couldn't have been more excited. Not just because it takes place in an area of the world that we are all so passionate about, but also because we all love a good ole' fashioned adventure! Nothing depicts adventure more than heading off with everything you need on your back and heading into the great unknown. In Cheryl's case she was going through some pretty dark times and felt that taking herself on this epic journey would help her find the person she once was. Everyone has their own reasons for taking themselves on adventure, I'm sure you have yours.

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Hiking & Horse Riding in Jackson, Wyoming

Posted on 13-Aug-2014

Jackson, Wyoming is a beautiful old west town located at the base of the Grand Teton mountain range. World renowned for its natural beauty, Jackson is also the base for dozens of interesting and exciting excursions. With so much to choose from, we had to get a jump on the day to make the most of our time there.

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Our View: Canadian Rockies & Vancouver Island

Posted on 29-Jan-2014

With most jobs you have the odd perk, but working for a travel company, the perks can be utterly amazing! Every year, depending on availability the Grand American Adventures team have the opportunity to join a tour group on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Why Not Swim Around the Statue of Liberty?

Posted on 17-Jan-2014

LET’S face it, at the end of the day a trip to New York is all about bragging to your mates in the pub when you get home. Empire State Building? Tick. Central Park? Tick. Fifth Avenue? Tick. Swam round the Statue of Liberty? Whoa, hold on there buddy. What’s that? Yes it’s true. Once a year you can see the Big Apple from a very soggy perspective by swimming 1.2km around the Statue of Liberty. All you have to do is log on at NYC Swim, pay a registration fee of $130 and prove you can cover 1500m in 35 minutes or less - someone at your local pool can vouch for you - and then come mid August, off you go.

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