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Reasons Why You Should Visit Cuba

Posted on 20-May-2019


I think it’s rather unfair on the poor Americans – who I always find make very good travel companions – to sniffily shout “ooh, get to Cuba now before it changes”……. "it" being not-so-secret code for the Hawaiian-shirted hordes massing in Miami, ready to launch a hundred Starbucks and Subways in Havana before you can say “viva Fidel!”

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Unique and Unmissable Destinations: Your 2019 Americas Travel Guide

Posted on 12-Dec-2018

Exploring unique destinations and discovering authentic and memorable experiences in the Americas is something we like to think we’re pretty experienced in. The big sights are, of course, a must - but when it comes to delving deeper below the surface, this vast continent has so much more to explore.

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Central America’s Mayan Highlights

Posted on 22-Aug-2017

When you think of classical civilizations, chances are the Mayans will be one of the first to spring to mind. Originating in the Yucatan and dominating Central America for 1200 years, they’re known for their architecture, art and hieroglyphs.

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Top 5 National Parks in Costa Rica

Posted on 14-Apr-2016

Costa Rica is an incredible country, there's no doubt about it! From their 'Pura Vida' living to stunning scenery everywhere you look, and all the wildlife you could hope to see on one trip. Any time spent in this awe-inspiring place will blow you away!

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Our View: What to Expect When Visiting Cuba

Posted on 01-Jul-2014

Floating half way between the USA and Latin America, Cuba is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. The people, the architecture and the landscape will leave you feeling fascinated and eager to learn more about this wonderful country. Our sales expert Danielle visited Cuba along with her husband on The Taste of Cuba tour and I asked her what they thought...

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Our View: A Visit to the Colourful Country of Costa Rica

Posted on 02-Jun-2014

Everyone always has that one place that they have always dreamt about visiting and for Grand American Adventures' graphic designer Aneesa, that place was Costa Rica. In her day to day life, Aneesa is often working out what looks good, using colours to make something that extra bit special, so it's no surprise that she was drawn to the vibrant and colourful country of Costa Rica. I spoke to Aneesa to find out what it was like finally visiting the emerald rainforests and seeing some of the worlds most unique species.

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