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Top 5 Most Christmassy Destinations in the USA

Posted on 18-Dec-2019

America has done more than most any other country to shape our view of the modern-day Christmas. Whether it’s the shiny red costume of Santa Claus, the abundant Christmas movies or even the iconic songs of Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby, when we celebrate the season, we’re indebted to American traditions. Perhaps that’s why we’re so drawn to these US destinations at Christmas time. Here are our top picks for the most Christmassy places in America…

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The Grand American Adventures Walk of Fame

Posted on 14-Aug-2019

From the celebrated musical destinations of the Deep South to Route 66 – the most famous highway in the USA, our Grand American Adventures trips are a Walk of Fame, introducing you to incredible locations that are associated with some of the biggest names in America and beyond.

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One of the Giants of American Architecture: Frank Gehry

Posted on 01-Feb-2019

Frank Gehry celebrates his 90th birthday this month, and in honour of the person who designed some of North America’s – and the world’s – most iconic buildings, we run through five of his unmissable architectural wonders he created.

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17 Reasons to Visit Boston

Posted on 14-Aug-2018

Boston is positively steeped in history. Founded in 1630 by English Puritans fleeing religious persecution, it went on to be the setting of the American Revolution and the infamous Boston Tea Party. Unlike any other city in America, Boston's narrow streets and brick buildings give it an almost European flavour. It's affectionately known as 'America's greatest walking city', with most of its places of interest within easy walking distance of each other.

The city's food and drink scene is the envy of America, with some of the freshest seafood and perfectly-brewed local beer. So whether you're a history buff, a foodie or just enjoy long walks with beautiful cityscapes, there's something for everyone here in Boston.

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Staff Picks: Our Favourite Destinations

Posted on 27-Oct-2017

When it comes to our destinations, the biggest fans out there are the Grand American Adventures staff team. Seasoned travellers with a huge variety of interests, we've got our national park devotees and city slickers; East Coast explorers and West Coast wanderers; camping experts and hotel know-it-alls. So who better to let you in on some of THE best destinations to visit with us?

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A First-Time Visitor's Guide To San Francisco

Posted on 22-Jun-2017

The 'City by the Bay', San Francisco, is a favourite with visitors to the United States. More relaxed than its Western USA neighbours Los Angeles and Las Vegas, this seaside city offers. We've compiled a list of essential things to do on your first visit to San Francisco.

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America’s Best Lesser-Known Cities

Posted on 21-Jun-2017

When you think about fun US cities to visit, which ones spring to mind? San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Asheville...

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Top 5 USA Destinations for Stopovers

Posted on 27-Oct-2015

Flights to the USA often involve stopovers, which are essentially a chance to explore one of the country's amazing destinations for free. Indeed, stopovers present such exciting opportunities that it is well worth purposefully seeking out indirect flights so you can add an extra few days to your holiday in an inspiring new destination.

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Our View: A visit to New Orleans aka "The Big Easy"

Posted on 02-May-2015

New Orleans – aka “NOLA”, aka “The Big Easy” – seems different to the rest of America. You could almost not be in the USA. There’s a languid, tropical feeling in the air as soon as you land – on my visit the effect being enhanced by touching down in the middle of a monsoon.

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Rediscover Your Senses in New York City

Posted on 02-Jul-2014

There is nothing I like more than wandering around a bustling city and taking it all in. The unique sounds, smells and tastes are what make travelling so important to me. New York City in particular as an incredible array of places that make your senses come alive.

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