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Our View: A Journey Through Texas, the Lone Star State

Posted on 08-Jul-2015

When you think of taking a holiday to the USA your mind probably wanders to the clear blue waters of Florida or the incredible national parks on the West Coast, and we don't blame you, they make for an amazing adventure. But, have you ever thought about a road trip through America's second largest state, Texas?

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Our View: A visit to New Orleans aka "The Big Easy"

Posted on 02-May-2015

New Orleans – aka “NOLA”, aka “The Big Easy” – seems different to the rest of America. You could almost not be in the USA. There’s a languid, tropical feeling in the air as soon as you land – on my visit the effect being enhanced by touching down in the middle of a monsoon.

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Walking in Memphis

Posted on 02-Dec-2014

Memphis sits high up on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River. Historically it has always played an important role in trade on the river and that continues today, although tourism now plays a big role as well. Home to musical greats like WC Handy, BB King and Elvis Presley, there is also plenty of music in the air.

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Our View: Boot-Scoot Your Way Around Nashville

Posted on 11-Nov-2014

Nashville! Music City. Hillbilly Hollywood. When a kid has a country music dream, they will inevitably make their way to this Mecca of country music. Thankfully for us, our dream was only to hear great country music, and that was a dream which came true several times over during our stay.

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Rockin' Out in Nashville

Posted on 15-Jan-2014

Regardless of how you feel about America, country music, or line dancing, once you spend a night in Nashville you are sure to believe that all three are pretty amazing.

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