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A New Perspective on America’s National Parks

Posted on 18-May-2017

Sure, you’ve seen the best pictures and videos of America’s incredible national parks – but have you seen them from above? For a truly breathtaking view over four amazing natural sites, click ‘play’ on the drone footage videos below and be bowled over by a whole new perspective on Yosemite, Bryce, the Grand Canyon and Zion!

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Top 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in the Canadian Rockies

Posted on 02-May-2017

The Canadian Rockies region is one of the most stunning places on the planet. Full of jagged peaks and colorful lakes, wildflowers and glaciers, it is an area that never fails to awe and inspire my passengers. I have often been asked what my favorite photo spot is on our Western Canada tours and that is really hard to answer.

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Our Top 5 Things to do in Alaska in Summer

Posted on 22-Feb-2017

Alaska sometimes feels like its own country rather than the 49th state of the USA. Situated in the far northwest of Northern America, Alaska is the largest state by area and shares its border with the Canadian Yukon Territory. A trip to Alaska will leave you captivated, with its rugged charm, unique culture and pristine wilderness and coastline. With a state so vast, we thought we would help you out with a few activities that are a must in this wild and wonderful state.

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Top 3 Lesser-Known USA National Parks

Posted on 01-Dec-2016

It's true that some of North Americas biggest and oldest national parks, Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon have plenty to offer budding travellers. Some of the most stunning landscapes and sights can be found in the famous and iconic national parks in the USA.

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The Weird & Wonderful Rock Formations of Craters of the Moon National Monument

Posted on 15-Aug-2016

When American President Calvin Coolidge signed the legislation protecting Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho in 1924, he called it "a weird and scenic landscape peculiar to itself". In all of my travels to our national parks and monuments, I have never seen the word “weird” used to describe any of them other than Craters of the Moon. It truly is weird, but also fascinating.

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A Fun Day in Fundy National Park

Posted on 08-Aug-2016

The Bay of Fundy is home to the world’s largest tidal fluctuation with an average fluctuation of 14.5 meters. While the local Native American people once attributed this to a giant whale swishing his tail, we now know this is due to the depth of the bay and its funnel shape. Experiencing this tidal fluctuation would be the highlight of our day, but by no means the only thing we saw that day.

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Our View: Wolf Tracking in Yellowstone National Park

Posted on 10-Jun-2016


Without a doubt the Yellowstone Wildlife Walks tour has one of the best itineraries of any Grand American Adventures tours. With three nights in the towering peaks and rugged wilderness of Glacier National Park, two nights in Jackson Hole Wyoming, allowing ample time to wander the breathtaking scenery of Grand Tetons National Park. Bear, elk, moose, big horn sheep, mountain goat and a seemingly endless variety of birds are plentiful.

But it is Yellowstone this tour is named after and you're given four days to explore the 2.2 million acres of wilderness; bison become an ordinary sight in the vast meadows, elk walk beside humans in the historic Mammoth village, and as we experienced recently, sometimes the grizzlies and black bears seem to go on parade and offer once in a lifetime experiences seeing these awesome predators.

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Top 5 National Parks in Costa Rica

Posted on 14-Apr-2016

Costa Rica is an incredible country, there's no doubt about it! From their 'Pura Vida' living to stunning scenery everywhere you look, and all the wildlife you could hope to see on one trip. Any time spent in this awe-inspiring place will blow you away!

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Our View: Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip

Posted on 11-Mar-2016

The Grand Canyon sparks ideas of a vast expanse going on as far as the eye can see, barren, dry and lacking mercy in a harsh environment; yet blessed with incredible vistas and chameleon colours, which change with the rise and fall of the sun.

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Top 5 Unexpected Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

Posted on 15-Feb-2016

It’s well known that the Canadian Rockies is a pretty picture-perfect place, but I don’t think I was quite prepared for the incredible beauty which awaited me on my recent visit to the region.

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