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Our View: Visiting Monument Valley with a Navajo Guide

Posted on 22-Jan-2015

Monument Valley is the heart of the Navajo Nation. In the dozens of times I have visited over the years, every single time has been an amazing experience. Of all of the destinations we visit in the desert southwest of the United States, Monument Valley is probably the one that will hold a special corner of your heart for the rest of your life. Today was a wonderful day because not only did we get to see the timeless beauty of this amazing place, but we also got a peek into an ancient culture on our guided tour of the valley with our Navajo guide, Cecil.


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Our View: Boot-Scoot Your Way Around Nashville

Posted on 11-Nov-2014

Nashville! Music City. Hillbilly Hollywood. When a kid has a country music dream, they will inevitably make their way to this Mecca of country music. Thankfully for us, our dream was only to hear great country music, and that was a dream which came true several times over during our stay.

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Our View: Exploring Canyonlands National Park in Utah

Posted on 11-Nov-2014

On most of my lodging tours I try to include an evening getting away from restaurants, and have a real American BBQ somewhere beautiful. There is a perfect opportunity at Dead Horse Point State Park to do just that.

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Our View: Family Friendly America Holidays

Posted on 01-Oct-2014

When my Godson, Toby, came back from his holiday in California this summer, everything was “awesome”. The flight over? Definitely awesome. Driving through the desert? Really awesome. The food? Cheeseburgers were really, really awesome and so were S’mores – ie biscuits with marshmallow and chocolate that are so yummy, you always want “some more”. And the Grand Canyon? Go on, have a guess.

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Our View: From Sunrise to Sunset at Lake Tahoe

Posted on 26-Aug-2014

At 35km long and 19km wide, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the United States. It is also our second deepest lake at right around 500 meters deep. It contains enough water to provide every man, woman and child in the country with 200 liters of water a day, every day, for 5 years! That’s a lot of water.

Originally inhabited by the Washoe people, it was rediscovered by legendary western scout and mountain man Kit Carson in 1844. When the Comstock Lode of silver was discovered in nearby Virginia City, people came in droves to the area. Thankfully some of these early settlers saw the beauty of the lake and its tourism potential and set out to preserve it. Today, the environmental group Keep Tahoe Blue keeps up this vigilant watch.

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Our View: Alaska Wildlife Viewing Tours

Posted on 15-Aug-2014

Alaska has always been somewhere I have always wanted to visit and when my colleaugue Iain returned from his 13 day Alaska, Wildlife & Wilderness tour, I couldn't wait to hear all about it! Here are a few of the questions I asked him...

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Our View: Plain of Six Glaciers Trail at Lake Louise

Posted on 28-Jul-2014

I remember vividly looking at various magazine advertisements for outdoor gear as a kid. You know, the picture of the perfect couple – standing on the edge of a cliff in awe of the scenery that appears just too perfect to be real? Their bodies erected tall, each with one leg bent, chins up and hiking poles held at a perfect angle. To this you can add their hair which usually flowed gently into the wind as they stood so proudly into the foreground of a spotless sky – a view that could inspire entire generations to boycott western civilization as if it were obsolete.

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Our View: What to Expect When Visiting Cuba

Posted on 01-Jul-2014

Floating half way between the USA and Latin America, Cuba is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. The people, the architecture and the landscape will leave you feeling fascinated and eager to learn more about this wonderful country. Our sales expert Danielle visited Cuba along with her husband on The Taste of Cuba tour and I asked her what they thought...

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Our View: A Cruise to the Heart of the Amazon

Posted on 25-Jun-2014

I have recently spent some time in Brazil and I can safely say that it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The people, the beaches, the food, the wildlife, the drinks (in particular the caipirinhas) all add up to make your trip truly amazing. I really wanted to get to the very heart of Brazil and I figured there was no better way to do it than join the Grand American Adventures tour on a Cruise through the Heart of the Amazon finishing with some downtime in Rio.

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Our View: A Visit to the Colourful Country of Costa Rica

Posted on 02-Jun-2014

Everyone always has that one place that they have always dreamt about visiting and for Grand American Adventures' graphic designer Aneesa, that place was Costa Rica. In her day to day life, Aneesa is often working out what looks good, using colours to make something that extra bit special, so it's no surprise that she was drawn to the vibrant and colourful country of Costa Rica. I spoke to Aneesa to find out what it was like finally visiting the emerald rainforests and seeing some of the worlds most unique species.

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