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America’s Top Deserts

Posted on 22-Jan-2020

As we’re coming to the end of dry January, we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate some of the driest deserts across the US that you can visit on your next Grand American Adventure. Far from being endless stretches into the abyss, America’s deserts dish out some of the country’s best hidden gems, from ancient aboriginal art to monolithic sandstone chimneys and sightings of desert-adapted wildlife, there’s plenty to see when you venture into these remote landscapes. Read on for some travel inspiration as we reveal our 5 must visit deserts in 2020.

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Four of the Best Autumn Walks to Take in the USA

Posted on 24-Sep-2019

It could be argued that America is at its most beautiful in the autumn. The colours, the climate and the quieter season make it the ideal time to plan a walk on some of its magnificent trails. With such a range of diverse places to choose from, we have picked out four of our favourites for this time of year.

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5 Unusual Hikes in North America

Posted on 29-Aug-2018

There’s no shortage of incredible hikes in North America, as any traveller can tell you; the sheer scale and variety of this landscape is as mesmerising as it is rewarding.

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How to Kick Start a Healthy New Lifestyle on an Adventure Tour

Posted on 22-Mar-2018

The standard new year's resolutions not quite working out as planned? Kickstarting a healthy new lifestyle is often easier said than done. If you just can’t quite scrap together the motivation, the good news is we know exactly where you’ll find it – on an adventure tour. 

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6 of the Best Hikes In Southwest USA

Posted on 20-Feb-2018

We’ve rounded up some of our best hikes in the USA’s Southwestern National Parks, including five achievable day hikes, and one epic trail that offers the challenge of a lifetime…so prepare your walking boots, and get inspired! 

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How to Choose the Right Footwear for a Walking Holiday

Posted on 24-Oct-2017

The run-up to any walking holiday - or any break that features walking, for that matter - is an exciting tangle of anticipation and preparation. When it comes to the latter, one of the most important things to consider is footwear.

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The Best Places in Alaska and Yukon to Explore on Foot

Posted on 19-Jul-2017

From challenging hikes through incredulous scenery to taking a walking tour around fascinating towns, the best way by far to explore Alaska is with your own two feet. A walking holiday in Alaska opens up a whole world of impressive sights and experiences, and takes you right to the heart of its impressive wilderness.

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Top 7 Hiking Trails in America

Posted on 25-May-2017

There’s something about exploring on two feet that invokes a true sense of freedom and adventure. Exposing yourself to the elements with just the rucksack on your back as you adventure along incredible scenic paths, one step after another. The views and diverse landscapes; the camaraderie when the going gets tough; and the countless rewarding moments you’ll encounter along the way.

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Top Walking Holiday Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted on 15-Mar-2017

One of the most attractive elements of walking is its simplicity - just the world and your own two feet. Almost. For such a simple pastime, it's surprising just how many things can go awry! The good news is that by being aware of the common mistakes beginners make, you can easily avoid them and have a walking holiday thats memorable for all the right reasons.

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How to Prepare for Your First Walking Holiday

Posted on 10-Feb-2017

Fresh air, the great outdoors, a sense of real adventure a walking holiday is a truly wonderful thing. And with Bill Brysons tale of Appalachian Trial hitting the big screen, more of us than ever are likely to be inspired to take the plunge but its a good idea to do a bit more preparation than Bill!

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