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Getting caught in a Bison Jam in Yellowstone

Posted on 25-Feb-2015

When most people book a Grand American Adventures tour, they are looking to leave behind the grind of their everyday lives, and escape to the wild National Parks of North America.

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Our View: Alaska Wildlife Viewing Tours

Posted on 15-Aug-2014

Alaska has always been somewhere I have always wanted to visit and when my colleaugue Iain returned from his 13 day Alaska, Wildlife & Wilderness tour, I couldn't wait to hear all about it! Here are a few of the questions I asked him...

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Our View: A Cruise to the Heart of the Amazon

Posted on 25-Jun-2014

I have recently spent some time in Brazil and I can safely say that it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The people, the beaches, the food, the wildlife, the drinks (in particular the caipirinhas) all add up to make your trip truly amazing. I really wanted to get to the very heart of Brazil and I figured there was no better way to do it than join the Grand American Adventures tour on a Cruise through the Heart of the Amazon finishing with some downtime in Rio.

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Our View: A Visit to the Colourful Country of Costa Rica

Posted on 02-Jun-2014

Everyone always has that one place that they have always dreamt about visiting and for Grand American Adventures' graphic designer Aneesa, that place was Costa Rica. In her day to day life, Aneesa is often working out what looks good, using colours to make something that extra bit special, so it's no surprise that she was drawn to the vibrant and colourful country of Costa Rica. I spoke to Aneesa to find out what it was like finally visiting the emerald rainforests and seeing some of the worlds most unique species.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in the USA in Spring

Posted on 01-Apr-2014

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, streets that were once dull and grey suddenly become alive with colour. Across the USA beautiful flowers start to bloom in some of the most incredible settings. For all you flower lovers out there, you should definitely check some of these places out.

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Our View: Canadian Rockies & Vancouver Island

Posted on 29-Jan-2014

With most jobs you have the odd perk, but working for a travel company, the perks can be utterly amazing! Every year, depending on availability the Grand American Adventures team have the opportunity to join a tour group on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Top 5 Places to See Wildlife in America & Canada

Posted on 10-Jan-2014

North America is the third largest continent in the world and has an array of weird and wonderful wildlife. With an overwhelming amount of National Parks and vast open spaces, our travel expert, Iain Shiels, picks his top 5 places that are perfect for spotting North American and Canadian wildlife.

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