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The Best Places in Alaska and Yukon to Explore on Foot

Posted on 19-Jul-2017

From challenging hikes through incredulous scenery to taking a walking tour around fascinating towns, the best way by far to explore Alaska is with your own two feet. A walking holiday in Alaska opens up a whole world of impressive sights and experiences, and takes you right to the heart of its impressive wilderness.

We've gathered together a list of our favourite places in Alaska to explore on a walking exploration of this expansive American state.


Walk Alaska and the Yukon


Kluane National Park and Preserve

Kluane National Park and Preserve



The King's Throne trail is a truly majestic hike that leads to a summit - the 'King's Throne' itself looking out over the strikingly blue waters of Kathleen Lake. On a clear day, you'll be able to see Mount Alverstone, Mount Hubbard and Mount Kennedy.

Staying below tree level, the Ariol Trail snakes through grassy fields, forestland and meadows with mountain views towering above. You're in bear country, so you might just spot some Grizzly and Black Bears, as well as moose and other mammals.


Dawson City

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Historic buildings and shop fronts give the streets of Dawson City colour and character, and a walking tour is the perfect way to discover this town's rich history. Once referred to as the 'Paris of the North', the Klondike's most famous town is known for its gold rush history - and you can even pan for your very own gold here.

To see Dawson City from a whole different angle, make your way up to the top of the Midnight Dome, where you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular panorama.


Tombstone Territorial Park and Range




The Tombstone Territorial Park and Range is, quite simply, a hiker's paradise, with a plethora of trails to choose from that range from relaxed to more challenging. Whichever hike you embark on, you're sure to be rewarded with cracking landscapes that are a treat for the eyes.

For an easy starter hike, the Angelcomb Peak trail takes you through peaks and valleys and past the East Blackstone River, through important sheep habitats. Those with a little more hiking experience will enjoy making their way to Alpine Lakes Viewpoint, a rocky plateau that overlooks picturesque alpine lakes.





A town surrounded by picture-perfect snowy peaks, Skagway is a town preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Although you may struggle to take your eyes away from the incredible vistas that overlook the town, the historical and colourful shopfronts will also attract your attention. 

Only around 1000 permanent residents actually live in the town, but throughout the year it sees almost 900,000 visitors. As a result, you'll find museums and shops with local artists selling their wares, as well as cosy joints to refuel during your Alaska walking holiday.

Haines State Forest

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The coastal town of Haines, Alaska is surrounded by deep forest and the Chilkoot and Chilkat inlets, making for serious scenery to explore. Hike to the top of nearby Mt Ripinski for incredible views of emerald lakes, twisting rivers, mountains and Haines town itself.

The diversity of Alaskan ecosystems in the area will also impress - from subalpine, to alpine meadows, lush forest and rocky summits. The nearby Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve is also a must-visit destination for bird-watchers, as it boasts the largest gathering of bald eagles anywhere in the world.

Walk Alaska and the Yukon


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