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What to Do in the Canadian Rockies Next Winter

Posted on 01-Sep-2016

Who says holidays need to happen in the summer? Plenty of destinations really come into their own in the winter months, providing a host of interesting things to see, do and experience. Where better to embrace all that the winter season has to offer than Canada? The country is known for its amazing winter, with snowfall and fantastic landscapes making it the place to go late in the year.

Discover the Canadian Rockies 




If you're looking for a winter holiday with plenty to see and do, you can't really get much better than a Canadian Rockies winter adventure tour. The legendary Rocky Mountains in Alberta offer everything you could possibly want from a winter holiday. You'll experience the stunningly epic mountain landscapes, beautifully lush evergreen trees and frozen lakes that look straight out of a fairytale. On top of this, there is a multitude of activities for you to enjoy.


Dog sledding



One outstanding activity that you won't be able to experience anywhere else is dog sledding through the Rockies. The sleds will take you through the pristine wilderness in a totally new way. Rather than travelling by car, you'll be able to glide over snowy plains at speed, feeling your heart race as the cold air invigorates you.

In addition to the experience itself, youll have the opportunity to take in beautiful panoramic views that can only be seen when sledding or travelling by foot. From majestic mountain peaks to miles of untouched snow and magical evergreen forests. This really is the only way to travel through the Rocky Mountains.


Explore by snowmobile



For those keen to travel that little bit faster, you can also explore the Rockies on your winter adventure by snowmobile. This high-energy activity will allow you to take charge and up the ante on your exploration, as you make the most of wide open spaces and inclines to test your driving skills while enjoying the phenomenal views and area. This is definitely a great choice for those that like a bit of adrenaline on their holiday, and what better place to give it a go?

Of course, you can also wind things down a bit and head out for a hike. Alberta has some fantastic places to visit that are accessible throughout the winter, such as Maligne Canyon. Complete with beautiful waterfalls and unique, interesting formations, as well as a lot of wildlife, this is one place you cant miss out on if you head to Alberta.


National park hiking



In Jasper National Park, just outside of Alberta, the canyon has been created by swirling waters, leading to uneven and surprising results in terms of how the rock looks. Just two metres wide at some points, youll be able to find lush plant life all year round, as well as fossils while hiking around the canyon.


Ski through the mountains



If exercising sounds like your kind of activity while on holiday, you can take a break from hiking and make the most of the mountains by trying your hand at a spot of skiing. Whether you're a beginner or have experience when it comes to strapping on a pair of skis, youll be able to find a slope that suits you. Lessons and help are also available, which will ensure you develop your skiing skills quickly and in an enjoyable way. After all, you can't really go to the Rockies and not ski, can you? 

With so much going on and so many experiences available in the Rockies, we're sure you'll have your perfect winter adventure holiday and this season will quickly become your favourite time to travel.


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