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Our View: What to Expect When Visiting Cuba

Posted on 01-Jul-2014

Floating half way between the USA and Latin America, Cuba is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. The people, the architecture and the landscape will leave you feeling fascinated and eager to learn more about this wonderful country. Our sales expert Danielle visited Cuba along with her husband on The Taste of Cuba tour and I asked her what they thought...

1. What was it about this colourful country that caught your eye?
The pride and determination of the people to preserve their country and culture.


Classic Cars.


2. Cuba is famous for its colonial architecture and brightly coloured streets did it live up to your expectations of being a vibrant and colourful place?
Yes absolutely but it's good to remember this is also a place of amazing contrasts. For every beautifully renovated architectural beauty, there is a crumbling building around the corner.


Plaza Vieja


3. This tour has a great selection of optional activities, which ones did you take part in and what were they like?
My favourite activity we did was the hike in El Cubano National Park near Trinidad. It was a peaceful hike through a beautiful forested region with a wonderful opportunity to swim into a cave under a waterfall. As I was swimming into the cave, sunlight reflected off water droplets all around me. Each droplet created tiny rainbows as it splashed off the surface of the water.




4. With lots of exciting activities included in this tour, do you think you really got to the heart of this beautiful island?
Yes. As the name suggests, this is a taste of Cuba. The trip has some really great inclusions. This tour gives you a good balance of history, geography, flora, fauna, customs, government and of course cigars, rum and MUSIC!


Cuban lady with cigar.


5. Do you have a highlight or a favourite memory from your time spent in Cuba?
No. There were so many. I felt our trip was quite well rounded as we had a great mix of so many things that make the country special. We had city time in Havana and Trinidad, the experience of getting into the country and learning about the culture. We also chose to spend some extra time outside of the tour on a fantastic beach. What more could you ask for?


Relaxing on the pristine beaches.


If you have the taste for Cuba after reading about Danielle's trip, check out the full itinerary for the tour on our website.


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