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Why We Love Canada!

Posted on 30-Jun-2017

To celebrate Canada Day on 1st July, our Grand American Adventures team have got together to share some of our favourite Canadian places, faces and exports!

'Who could not love a place known for maple syrup, polar bears, ice hockey and being America’s liberal neighbour to the North? I also find it interesting that over 30% of Canada is covered in forest and it has more fresh water that all the other counties on Earth, combined!'

Richard, Managing Director


'Moraine Lake, I’ve never seen a colour like it!'

Nina, American Adventure Specialist

'The money - the fact the one dollar coin is called a loonie as it has a loon on it and the two dollar coin is called a toonie'

Andrew, E-Commerce Manager

'Trekking on the Athabasca Glacier – Crunching the snow beneath your feet as you walk up the glacier, past bright blue rivers of water so clean you can drink from them.'

Hayley, Head of Marketing


'Arcade Fire – they are my favourite band and from Montreal!'

Aneesa, Graphic Designer

'Canada is a country made up of incredible beauty…including the Prime Minister!'

Sarah, Product Manager

'Even though I haven't visited (yet!), poutine is something I'm so excited to try! Chips and gravy with cheese - what's not to love?!'

Milly, Marketing and Social Media Executive


'I love watching the Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze signalling the beginning of hunting season. It is nature in its most pure and raw form. Just seeing the speed at which the entire bay froze over was like a real-time time-lapse.'

Iain, Head of Product

'I love the friendly people and the scenery is magical!'

Andy, Flights Manager

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