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Wildlife Watching in Yellowstone National Park

Posted on 26-Nov-2015

The beauty of travel is that every day is its own mini adventure, you go places you’ve only read about, see things you hardly knew existed. But on every trip there’s that one special day, a thing I like to call THE BEST DAY EVER. Today was that day.

Today we were in Yellowstone National Park and it was a glorious day from beginning to end — I know because we woke up at 4am to meet our local guide, a wolf tracker, and went to bed long after the sun had set; kept awake by adrenaline and the sharing of epic wildlife pictures. But I digress. Our wolf tracker promised us nothing, wildlife are a fickle bunch, sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. We were hoping we’d see a little something to make our pre-dawn wakeup worthwhile, and we weren’t disappointed. Within ten minutes of driving, we spotted a massive moose grazing by the side of the road. Carefully and quietly we pulled over and got out of the van, watching as he was joined by another moose, a younger male who kept his distance, respectful of the alpha’s dominance.


Wildlife spotting in Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park


The day snowballed from there. More moose, bison, a grizzly bear, and wolves. Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995, and there are currently around 75 known to be living in the park. Amazingly, we saw seven. Our first sighting was a young male who trotted past us on the road, just a few feet away from the van. That’s unusual behaviour, but it was incredible to see a wild wolf so close. He was part of the pack we saw later from a distance.


A lone wolf
A lone wolf


Grizzly bear
Grizzly Bear


Everyone was excited about the wolves, including our guide, but he shushed our chatter mid cub-spotting and told us to listen. Howling. The sounds of wolves howling in the wild can’t really be described. It’s eerie and beautiful and made everyone stop what they were doing and stand perfectly still. We listened for a while and watched until the last wolf bolted into the woods, out of view.

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Author: Ali StevensHi, I’m Ali, a second-year tour leader, hailing from Vermont. I started leading tours because I love the outdoors and hated my office job. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, a single summer deal, but then I fell in love. There really isn’t any feeling that compares to sitting around a campfire with a great group of people, knowing that today you went somewhere new, somewhere amazing, and that tomorrow you’re going to do it all again. Travel has always been my passion, and there’s nothing I love more than sharing crazy experiences and this country with fellow travelers from around the world!


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